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Steel Cement Panel

  • ESD600 Access Floor
  • ESD600 Access Floor
  • ESD600 Access Floor
ESD600 Access FloorESD600 Access FloorESD600 Access Floor

ESD600 Access Floor

  • Size: 600×600×35mm
  • Stringer Hole distance: 50mm
  • Installation: Gravity Lay
  • Product description: ESD600 Access Floor

ESD600 Access Floor with Diamond Design and F-Trim


MAXGRID ESD600 Steel Cement access floor system is widely used in places like data centers, control rooms, power stations etc...

Maxgrid developed a new steel cement panel with diamond bottom design to offer better loading performance and attractive apperance to the clients. With the new F-trim, it solves the problem of trim detatch in normal C-trim panels.

ESD600 Diamond access floor panel
1. All Steel component, excellent loading capacity and fire-resistance.
2. Diamond bottom design with wider bottom edge and reinforcement rids in the edges to ensure loading performance.

3. Precise panel size, interchangeable with each panel.

4. Dark-grey epoxy coating, hard wearing and anti-corrosive.

5. F-Trim, not easy to detatch and crack. With better after installation view.



Round Tube Flat Head Pedestal (T Type)

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Round Tube Flat Head Pedestal ( S type)

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