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Steel Cement Panel

  • OA500 Access Floor
  • OA500 Access Floor
  • OA500 Access Floor
OA500 Access FloorOA500 Access FloorOA500 Access Floor

OA500 Access Floor

  • Size: 500×500×28mm
  • Corner Lock: With
  • Corner Hole Distance: 22
  • Product description: OA600 Access Floor

OA500 Access Floor


OA500 access floor system is widely used in 5A Intelligent Building, casinos, hotels and many other similar places. After installation, the bare finish panel surface will be covered by carpet, LVT or other materials.

Maxgrid OA500 access floor panel has cross rib, bottom edge rib and 4 groups of reinforcement units in the bottom to improve the loading performance of the panel.

1. All Steel component, excellent loading capacity and fire-resistance.
2. Diamond bottom design with wider bottom edge and reinforcement rids in the edges to ensure loading performance.
3. Precise panel size, interchangeable with each panel.
4. Dark-grey epoxy coating, hard wearing and anti-corrosive.

For more information of this product, please feel free to download our data sheet.


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